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My Past Year - Need Support!

Hello everyone!

My name is Katie and I'm new to this blog. As a caregiver, my journey with cancer started about a year and a half ago when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Around the same time, I found out that my husband and I were going to have our first child. After quitting my job last spring, my days were filled with hospital trips, phone calls with doctors, and general care for my mother-in-law. After nine months, she completed her chemotherapy, but unfortunately was not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. She did very well for about a month, and then fell ill with pneumonia. Because of the infection, she had to stop her maintanence chemo, which evenutally led to a resurgence of the cancer.

After a year of fighting and suffering, my mother-in-law passed away peacefully on July 28, 2017. On that same day, my father entered the emergency room for treatment of a nodule on his thyroid which was causing him extreme discomfort. He had been to the doctor and was in the process of testing to diagnose the nodule. Since my father is also an End Stage Renal Disease patient, they assumed it had something to do with his thyroid hormones in conjunction with the kidney disease. After several tests and a biopsy at our local hospital, dad was diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer on August 2, 2017. He has been transferred to a larger hospital for in-depth diagnostic testing and oncology care. We do not yet know the status of his cancer, or the available treatment options. What I do know is that Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer is the most aggressive form, with the lowest cure rate.

I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm confused. But most of all, I'm tired. Having just gone through one battle with cancer, which ended in loss, I feel as though my hope for my dad is diminished. I want him to fight, but most of all I don't want to watch him suffer. I came to this site for a chance at support and really just for a place to vent. I have so much awe and respect for those fighting cancer on a daily basis. You are all an inspiration. Thank you for listening to my story.

-Katie Q.

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Hi Katie, I'm so sorry for all the heartache you and your family have endured. It's awful, and some families do get hit harder than others. I have to google anaplastic; I've only ever seen one person with it, I worked with her but she hid the symptoms for a long time. Sounds like your Dad got it early. Is that your child in the photo?
Yep, that's my little boy. My dad absolutely loves being a grandpa. From what I've been told, that particular type of thyroid cancer is very rare. He has a PET scan scheduled for tomorrow to determine if it has spread outside of the thyroid.
He's adorable. I will pray for your Father so his Pet shows no spread.
Thank you for your support Marcia.
I googled and it looks like there are some promising clinical trials in the works now. God bless Katie.
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Thank you. I will have to look into that.
I empathize with your situation. I have sat with, cared for and performed more funerals than I care to remember. That said, some of the most rewarding relationships I have ever had are with fighters and survivors.

Cherish your time, whatever it is. Be kind to yourself and your father and know there are people here who will keep you in prayer and thought. Your work is vital and life enriching. Be well

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Thank you for your kind words. I know that my husband and I cherish each other and our family more than ever after our experiences with cancer.
Katie, I am so sorry you are having to endure these heartaches. I am the caretaker for my husband who has pancreatic cancer and I know first hand, when a loved one is suffering, you are too, just as much. It is a huge emotional burden that you have zero control over. This cancer will do what it wants. This blog has shown me some people overcome and are cured, others have extended lives with good quality, others are not so lucky. We are never ready to let them go, but sometimes they are ready before we are. I am sending you love, hugs and prayers. Please take care of yourself and find things to make you happy, even if it's short bursts of stolen time. You are stronger than you know. I can tell that from your post. God Bless
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Thank you so much for your support and kindness. You and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers as well.
He Katie, I am so sorry that you are in this situation. Some families really have a lot of illness, it's not a fair worls. Feel free to vent and rant, this is a very good place to do it. Your little boy looks adorable
Thank you Susan. I have only been a member of this site for a day, but I have already found so much support.
That's just all you need sometimes, support from others who understand the cruel world of cancer. At least it helped me so much, and I am always grateful for that.
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I am a caregiver myself, amd sometimes feel utterly defeated and overwhelmed. This week was such a period - and your posts remind me of how much support I can find here at BFAC. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. 💪🏽
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Vital Info


August 8, 2017


August 7, 1991

Loved One is a Cancer Survivor/Fighter

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

August 2

Stage 4


Cancer respects no one. Cancer is all-consuming. Cancer steals precious time.

Expect the unexpected. Never lose hope, even when the situation is hopeless.

As a caregiver, all of your focus is on the loved one fighting cancer. Don't forget to engage in self-care. You can't take care of anyone else, if you don't take care of yourself.

Large nodule in the neck area on the thyroid. Severe fatigue and trouble swallowing/speaking.



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